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The unique dispenser ensures the uniform pouring of the liquid without dripping onto the bottle, suitable even for viscous liquids.

The dispenser is fully compatible with any standard screw bottle.

It does not require intervention in the production line, which will help to produce a unique product without additional investment of money and time.

The unique dissecting-type dispenser ensures uniform pouring of liquid without spilling onto the bottle, which not only preserves precious liquid but also protects hands from contamination. No more spills and sticky bottles, with the use of a unique dispenser, the liquid will always be where you want it.

The patented, unique design allows you to use the dispenser not only with alcoholic beverages, but also with products of low fluidity, such as oils, syrups, liqueurs and others. Even low-flowing products are poured evenly and without dripping onto the bottle.

You no longer need to have special pouring skills or use additional tools to pour syrups and oils. No sticking of the lid with liqueurs. Each re-opening is like the first, clean and pleasant.

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