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JS module

To use Justspin the bottling line needs to install additional equipment for capping wine bottles. The equipment is made modular and is installed on the bottling line without breaking it.

After installing the module, the line can work both with Justspin caps and, if necessary, can be reconfigured to work with shrink film.

The reconfiguration process does not require disassembling the module for Justspin, the design of the module allows it to be removed from the line without dismantling it, which allows you to perform reconfiguration of the line in a very short time.

Type: equipment for capping wine bottles with an innovative cap on the bottling line.

Purpose: for screwing corkscrew caps onto corked wine bottles.


1. The equipment is modularly integrated into the existing production line of bottling and capping of bottles; and leaves the possibility to operate such a line in the previously existing mode during shutdown and reconfiguration, and to manufacture products while preserving the previously existing method of capping with a heat-shrinkable cap.
2. The equipment is manufactured for each order individually.

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