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The main credo of "EFFO PAK"

Our ideas for the development of your business

We focus on the search of optimal technical solutions capable to increase significantly the quality and reduce the cost of products. The strength of our approach lies in the simplicity and elegance of technical solutions.

Innovator, inventor Mykola Titarenko.

About us

Our company begins its history in 2003, when the innovator Mykola Tytarenko proposed to use a dispenser cap for vodka, the cost of which was 3 times lower than the market price, due to the use of his own patented design solution. At the same time was founded the Innovative Production Company "Navigator INN".

The main activity of the enterprise was the use of innovations developed by our own design bureau. Nowadays we have more than 40 patents, most of which have been tested and put into production.

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The main areas of activity are sealing materials and technologies for soft drinks, beer, wine, vodka and other bottled products.  And more than 10 enterprises from various industries.

In 2022, in order to enter the international market, it was decided to reorganize "Navigator INN" into "EFFO PAK".

Our partners

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Why us?

Cooperation with us will allow you to form new competitive advantages and profitably distinguish your product. As a result, your products will acquire unique qualities that attract the buyer, and you will receive a natural increase in market share and an increase of profit.

We care about our customers that is why our company not only produces products, but also equipment for them. Having extensive experience, our engineers will help not only to install the equipment, but also to fully configure it in the shortest possible time.

The main direction of our company's activity is the development and implementation of innovative products based on modern technologies and know-how in the field of sealing, preserving traditions and age-old values.


Our own complete production cycle will allow us to fulfill even the most complicated orders with high quality and on time. An individual approach will allow us not only to meet your needs, but also to create something truly unique and unrepeatable exclusively for you.


Using the innovative cap CapR will make the process of uncorking wine as simple as possible and increase your sales. CapR allows you to open corked wine bottles without the use of additional tools, just a few turns are enough.

Used with standard bottles and corks.

Completely superior to heat shrink, and offers to the customer an endless possibility for individual style.


What we can do for you

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